High quality adjustable pedestals 78% recycled and 100% recyclable

Height range Fully adjustable system from 17 to 850mm

High loading Supports loads in excess of 1000kg per pedestal

Easy access Services running in cavity below can be easily accessed

Slope adjustment Patented slope corrector can create or compensate for up to 5% pitch

Water control System allows for simple, fast removal of rainwater via access cavity

Sustainable DPH pedestals are manufactured from 78% recycled PPC and are 100% recyclable

Design versatility For use at ground or roof level for all types of stone, timber or industrial paving, decking or grid options

Configurable Pedestal spacing options allow for all complex layouts, abutments, penetrations and edge details. All positions are lockable by special patented key

Our flagship product DPH screwjack pedestals has many options make this series fit most installation requirements. The series provides the flexibility to adjust for different heights, slopes, and works with a wide variety of surface materials including pavers, wood, stone, and tiles.

Sold exclusively through Techo-bloc.