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Founded in 1987, Buzon Pedestal International (B.P.I. S.a.) is the first European manufacturer of the “Buzon” (screw jack) Pedestal which is adjustable millimetre by millimetre up to 1030 mm. Made from polypropylene and able to bear loads of more than 1000 kg/pedestal for the support of paving slabs and timber or timber composite decking on roof terraces, balconies, garden terraces, podiums around swimming pools. Also used for temporary floors in marquees and raised floors in the chemical, mechanical offshore oil rig, metallurgy industries and many other applications.

Bottom piece :

• Head of support (surface of 175 cm ²)

• Coupler • Base (surface of 320 cm ²)

• Slope Corrector (0 to 5%)

The head of the support(1) is screwed directly onto the base or the coupler. The head, with a diameter of 150 mm, can be options of 4 tabs of 2 – 4,5 – 6 – 8 – 10 mm thickness making an open joint between the stone tiles. The head of the pedestal is also available without tabs. On the head of the coupler, a safety notch(2) at the base of the threaded part indicates the limit of adjustment in height and prevents over extension. On the head of support, 12 holes(3) of 8 mm in diameter from all fixing options. The coupler(4) is used when the height of the pedestal exceeds 200mm. Two wire hooks(5) on the sides allow for the pedestals to be tied to each other, guaranteeing greater stability when the height exceeds 600 mm. The base(6) is 5mm thick polypropylene, 205mm in diameter and can be simply placed or fixed on a solid substrate. It also has holes at the bottom for drainage (7). The slope corrector BC-PH5(8) can compensate, a horizontal, a slope from 0 to 5% (slope from 0 to 5 cm per meter). This is placed under the base of the pedestal.

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