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Buzon DPH Pedestals o er uninterrupted adjustability, are 100% recyclable and are made from a co- polymer of recycled polypropylene materials. Buzon DPH Pedestals are designed to withstand loads of 650 to 1000 kg, depending on the height.

They can be easily adjusted in height, and compensate for a fall of 5% and beyond*, to create a level terrace in all directions, or a ramp for barrier-free access.

Height adjustment can be easily realised even with the load on top, and once the Buzon DPH Pedestals are set at the required height, their position can be xed with proprietary locking keys.

Buzon is geared towards giving the designer or speci er not just a product that meets and exceeds the required speci cation, but provides also technical and on-site support.


1 Support head

The head, with diameter of 155 mm and surface area of 188 cm2 can be tted with various accessories to cater for di erent applications.

2 C2/C5 Couplers

The Buzon coupler is used to extend the height over 175 mm. Two integrated tabs on either side allow for mechanical xation (cross-wire bracing), where needed.

3 Adjusment ring

The adjustment ring allows for easy ne-tuning of the height of the Pedestal even with a load placed on top with a load placed on top.

4 Base

Base diameter 200 mm, surface area 314 cm2.The base can be simply positioned or xed to any substrate where needed. The head, coupler and the base are equipped with a safety inter-locking system.

5 Slope corrector, 0-5%*
Patented and award winning slope compensation

system, precisely adjustable in increments of 0.5%.

6 Locking keys
Lock pedestals at required height.

Silver Medal Winner for Invention of BATIMAT© 1997 for Slope Compensation Device

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