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The pedestals and their accessories are equally suited to applications at ground or roof level and from prestige, highly aesthetic projects to industrial, performance-orientated applications.

Buzon is geared towards giving the speci er not just a product that meets and exceeds the required speci – cation, but technical and on-site support that ensures the installation proceeds on spec, on time and on budget.

Standard cross

Elements :
• Support head (surface area 227 cm2) ;

• Coupler ;

• Base (surface area 305 cm2).

The head of the pedestal be screwed directly on the base or in the coupler. The head, diameter of 170 mm, may be t with different tabs of 2 – 3 – 4,5mm thickness for the spacing between tiles. The head of the pedestal is available without tabs.

On the head and the coupler, a security clip 2, indicates the height adjustment limit.

On the head, 8 holes of 8mm diameter allow the xing with screws or bolts.

The coupler 4 is used when the used height exceed 4 200mm. Quatre crochets latéraux 5 allow to attach the pedestals, ensuring a good stability when the height exceed 600 mm.

The base 6 stands on a surface area of 305 cm2 (197 mm diameter and 3 mm thickness), may be simply put or xed at the ground.

7 Draining holes

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